Friday, December 14, 2007

TracfoneTips - Tracfone vs Cricket

Tracfone vs Cricket Cell Service is an interesting comparison. The two companies are about as different as possible.

Tracfone Charges by the minute Vs Cricket charges by the month.

With Tracfone you can buy a very inexpensive handset and then you add minutes and activation time to your service. You activate your phone and add a Card. The Tracfone card costs $20 for 60 minutes, $30 for 120 minutes, $40 for 200 minutes.

Cricket starts at $30 a month for unlimited minutes and unlimited Texting. They have several different options you can add to your service to spend up to $60 per month.

Tracfone is available in every US Zip Code Vs Cricket is only available in certain Cities.

Tracfone is available everywhere in the US. Online at you can purchase a Tracfone for every zip code in the US. You can purchase at

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