Friday, December 21, 2007

TracfoneTips - Childrens Cell Phone

We have all heard Horror stories about Children's Cell Phones.

A friend of mine's son met a girl in Canada online and started calling and talking to her all the time. He had had his phone for several months but up until then had mainly been talking to friends that were on Verizon. Before mom even found out he had run up a $1200 phone bill in less than a month. By the time she got it stopped he had run up another $1000. She was able to get Verizon to knock some of the bill down but she still paid over $1200 for her son's international calling.

I strongly recommend a prepaid phone for your childs first cell phone experience. Your child can only spend the money that has already been placed on the phone. When they run over their minutes they lose access to their phone. You will never get a $400 or $1200 bill because your child sent 2000 text messages or talked for an hour to someone in Mexico.

TracfoneTips - Childrens Cell Phone

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