Sunday, October 3, 2010

Straight Talk Unlimited Review

Pay per minute, Pay per day, and Unlimited minutes per month. Some wireless companies sell a mix of these alternatives with their various plans.

Pay per Minute Prepay Mobile phones

With Pay per Minute phones you will purchase a phone card that will usually come with a certain number of minutes. The biggest companies within the Pay per minute are Tracfone Prepaid and Net 10. When you add the minutes you will additionally receive a time period to use the minutes in. For example with a $30 Net10. card you will receive 300 units and 60 days of activation time. If you do not use all of your units before the 60 days is up you will have to purchase and add another phone card in order to use the remaining minutes. On the other hand if you talk or text through all of your minutes you will want to add another unit card even when you have service time left.

Pay per Day Prepaid Cellular Plans

The Pay by the Day model is definitely most popular with the big Long term contract Cell phone providers such as Verizon Wireless, T-Mobile and At&t. With this system you will generally pay $1 per day and be able to make any number of calls to anyone on their phone network. As an example Verizon Wireless Prepay allows their prepaid customers to dial up everybody with a Verizon Wireless Prepaid account for 99 cents a day and all other calls will be ten cents a minute. The 99 cents will only incurred on the days you use the phone. You will need to spend at least $15 a thirty day period to continue to keep their service activated.

Unlimited Calling Prepay Cellular Plans

The Prepaid Unlimited use cell model is becoming more common in the last few years. The Unlimited plans began with a few small localized businesses that offered unlimited phone calls in the local area for under $50 a month. The major contract carriers formerly charged $100 plus per month to get unlimited use. Cricket and Boost Mobile were some of the first to offer unlimited prepaid cell phone plans. Straight Talk Wireless has rapidly become the largest provider in unlimited cell usage. They have a $45 a month Unlimited pay as you go cell plan that uses the Verizon Network.

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