Friday, December 21, 2007

TracfoneTips - Childrens Cell Phone

We have all heard Horror stories about Children's Cell Phones.

A friend of mine's son met a girl in Canada online and started calling and talking to her all the time. He had had his phone for several months but up until then had mainly been talking to friends that were on Verizon. Before mom even found out he had run up a $1200 phone bill in less than a month. By the time she got it stopped he had run up another $1000. She was able to get Verizon to knock some of the bill down but she still paid over $1200 for her son's international calling.

I strongly recommend a prepaid phone for your childs first cell phone experience. Your child can only spend the money that has already been placed on the phone. When they run over their minutes they lose access to their phone. You will never get a $400 or $1200 bill because your child sent 2000 text messages or talked for an hour to someone in Mexico.

TracfoneTips - Childrens Cell Phone

Friday, December 14, 2007

TracfoneTips - Tracfone vs Cricket

Tracfone vs Cricket Cell Service is an interesting comparison. The two companies are about as different as possible.

Tracfone Charges by the minute Vs Cricket charges by the month.

With Tracfone you can buy a very inexpensive handset and then you add minutes and activation time to your service. You activate your phone and add a Card. The Tracfone card costs $20 for 60 minutes, $30 for 120 minutes, $40 for 200 minutes.

Cricket starts at $30 a month for unlimited minutes and unlimited Texting. They have several different options you can add to your service to spend up to $60 per month.

Tracfone is available in every US Zip Code Vs Cricket is only available in certain Cities.

Tracfone is available everywhere in the US. Online at you can purchase a Tracfone for every zip code in the US. You can purchase at

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Sunday, December 2, 2007

Net 10 Prepaid Review

Net 10 Prepaid is a division of Tracfone.

The best Deal on Net10 cell phones is usually at the Website.

Right now they have the Nokia 1100 phone with 300 minutes for $19.99. This comes out to 6.66 cents per minute. This is the cheapest Pay as you go minutes you will find anywhere.

Net10 only offers GSM phones. These are the phones that take the little SIM card. This card is usually installed below the battery. Net10 as of November 2007 has just started offering CDMA phones also.

Net 10 does not own cell phone towers. They have contracts with AT&T (formerly Cingular), T-Mobile Alltel, Verizon, and several other companies to use their networks. When you set up your phone it will be set up to work on one of these networks. The Net10 Phones will roam from T-Mobile to At&t without charging you extra. At this time the T-Mobile prepaid phones will not roam so if you are not in T-Mobile coverage area your T-Mobile Prepaid will not work.

You can also purchase Net 10 Prepaid Cellular phones at Walmart, Safeway, Target, and many convenience stores around the country. I have never seen them as cheap in a store as they are at the Website.

Net10 Prepaid Phone Cards

To add minutes to your Net10 Pay as you Go phone you can buy minute cards at almost any Walmart, Target, or gas station. Also you can purchase and install minutes on your phone at the Net10 Prepaid Website.

You can also install minutes on your Net10 phone by punching the PIN code after going to "add airtime" on your phone's prepaid menu.

Net 10 Prepaid Review Summary

Net10 is a better, simpler deal than Tracfone. If you use 100 plus minutes a month it is much simpler and cheaper to buy and use a Net Cell Phone.

NET10 is the best prepaid cell phone service for most people. If you use less than 100 minutes a month then Tracfone would be a little cheaper for you. The Net10 phones really are Pay as you Go Made Simple.

Check out how to get Net10 Minutes for 7.5 Cents Each

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The LG 225 Camera Phone from Both Tracfone and NET10 is a great phone. This phone works if you live in an area covered by the GSM networks like AT&T and T-Mobile.

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The Lg 200c is the little brother to the LG 225. This phone works if you live in an area where the CDMA networks of Alltel, Verizon and US Cellular work.

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